Going the distance with God

When you watch a program or movie that is God centered, do you ever feel this deepness for Him? A longing that there is no description for? When you follow Him you want only to serve Him and do things that will please Him.

I take the Kingdom work very seriously and when I speak to people who¬†don’t pray or forget to pray I tend to feel frustrated for them because I know how much I depend on Him and they don’t even realize the depth of knowing Him. I certainly hope that the Lord will open the eyes of many but try as I may it is not my ability to open them to Jesus but just a Holy Spirit nudging, the rest is God’s territory. I am His servant and when He puts people in front of me I will do my best, but you can’t drive them there or plainly you can bring the hors to water but you can’t make Him drink it.

But through and through I will continue to seek God in my daily prayer for ways to know Him better and ask for direction in His plan for me here.

May you see God in His deepness and continue to serve Him for the sake of our Lord Jesus and the Kingdom we are waiting for!


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