It’s a time to stand firm

1Corinthians 15:58

“therefore my brothers stand firm let nothing move you, always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

Gods Wrath

The planet is in an uproar.

Gods wrath is upon us now. If we are to be humble unto Him we must ask for forgiveness of our sins and prepare ourselves for what may happen in the future days. Our abundance does not fit into the picture of the hereafter but all that follow the Lord will be saved from ultimate destruction of their soul. But if we hold onto this life with all we have, we will surely lose it for the day of the Lord is at hand. Don’t be afraid to reach out and pray at any given moment because He hears all you ask Him for. But in humbleness remember that all is seen by Him and nothing is hidden, rebuke false teachers and look only to Jesus for whatever your needs are. In humbleness and prayer AMEN!!

A great gift

Today, was a very special day.

Working in a secular world, we Kingdom believers don’t always come across true believers. But today, a special day to me, Jesus gave me a gift. My gift was as simple as someone holding the door open for me as I carried boxes through it. I said to him “You are my blessing today!” He said “yes praise God, we get many blessings!” When you come across a true believer it almost floors you because if you are like me, I am always thanking God in front of people and when someone actually responds to our King Jesus as our Lord at first it takes me time to register that I am not alone in my deep devotion to Him.

I think this earthly angel moment was a wonderous gift, free and never forgotten. AMEN

So much anger, So little time

Have you ever met someone who has so much anger and rants unnecessarily over it? Well today that was my experience with 3 people on 3 different levels of anger. But all in all when you think about it, that person is really hurt . The person that betrayed them misused their relationship and thought then a fool, But the outcome is selfishness on all parts because the betrayer is selfish in nature and cares less about anyone else and the betrayed  is hurt and won’t forgive that betrayer.

But think, the time we have here is so limited to carry bitterness only hurts yourself. We always must pray that God takes our pride away and forgives us for not forgiving and letting it go Jesus said we must forgive so that our Father in heaven forgives us.

So don’t waste time standing in the mud, get out and wash with the living water of peace!

Going the distance with God

When you watch a program or movie that is God centered, do you ever feel this deepness for Him? A longing that there is no description for? When you follow Him you want only to serve Him and do things that will please Him.

I take the Kingdom work very seriously and when I speak to people who don’t pray or forget to pray I tend to feel frustrated for them because I know how much I depend on Him and they don’t even realize the depth of knowing Him. I certainly hope that the Lord will open the eyes of many but try as I may it is not my ability to open them to Jesus but just a Holy Spirit nudging, the rest is God’s territory. I am His servant and when He puts people in front of me I will do my best, but you can’t drive them there or plainly you can bring the hors to water but you can’t make Him drink it.

But through and through I will continue to seek God in my daily prayer for ways to know Him better and ask for direction in His plan for me here.

May you see God in His deepness and continue to serve Him for the sake of our Lord Jesus and the Kingdom we are waiting for!

Getting your heart right, right now.

How do you see your heart, giving? patient? forgiving? Well how you will really know this is how you humble your life unto God. Are you asking Him for forgiveness, patience and generosity? Have you genuinely reached out and gave back to God through His people the things that He has blessed you with?

Examine your heart and think about how you can serve Him by being all the things He blessed you with. Open your heart, not because it’s holiday time or because you feel obligated, do it because it is in you and you are taking the promptings of the Holy Spirit to do it! AMEN