Everyday is an opportunity to serve

It’s ironic that at the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas that people pull together to find a need or cause to donate to. Think about it, they don’t just need help at the Holiday times but all year around. So many homeless and more coming as the world’s economy is plunging.  We must think of others and what they are going through, be a good deed-er, drop off food at the food bank or some one that is down on their luck. Be kind, be thoughtful be Christ-like in nature!

The most rewarding is feeding the homeless, not only do you get a chance to serve but to have a conversation with someone you know nothing about. Some people are so humble that they think nothing is wrong or that they have done something to deserve this life they have. Just be a listener, you can’t change the world or maybe even their circumstances, but you can pray for them and be the kind person that God has made you! God Bless!



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