The cost of following our King

Following Christ – It’s not just the evangelizing, it’s so much more, but if you are not increasing your knowledge and seeking the truth of the Kingdom, you are not seeing the whole picture. In following our Savior, we as Christians in obedience need to count the cost of following His way. We must examine our thoughts and actions towards others as we continue our journey and lead others to a Godly life and path they may not have ever known.

When we are following Him, we may get ridiculed and made fun of. But these are the sacrifices that we choose to get our rewards for loving and trusting Christ faithfully on earth, something that people who scoff at us will never understand because they follow this world and what it offers. Blind faith in nothing, that is what the world offers. So as we at times struggle, we are in hope and faith in His great love and endearing heart for us to know that as we grow as Christians the knowledge of the Kingdom will reveal itself in Gods time. Faithfully follow your heart as you serve and learn patience for not just yourself but for others that do not understand why you love God so much.


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