Following God not the world

I take a class called Intro to Religion in a Community College. It is very analytical and it digs deep into thought. I have to bite my lip in every class because I want to say “Hey! doesn’t anyone here read the Bible? But so few of them hear that what is being said is not God focused but it’s the world taking over the study. I thank God through this class that He gave me the Bible and His word and shed His blood so I may live free in it everyday.  But through it all I know who owns my soul, who blesses me and my work and who is responsible for my life here on earth, AMEN JESUS!!!

In the Heart of Gods Plan

How do we measure what God has in store for us? Do we take the time and ask but yet do not find the answer? Just when you think you knew what he wanted you to do, it wasn’t it. But God has an overall bigger plan for you. it’s to love one another and do grace upon this earth in His name. But you think that accomplishments are what God expects. No, it’s the love you spread around to each person is what your basic plan is. Everything else is yet a part of the bigger plan for you that God reveals as you walk beside Him on this journey.

So stop trying to plot ut His moves and start embracing your life right now, right here! AMEN