Is America God’s Country?

Reflecting on 9/11 and thinking about the events of our time, is this God’s country? They took prayer out of school, they want God less and less involved in pledges, money, statements. Is the congress including God in their decisions? When you take God out of the equation, you are excluding the creator of the world. The God that judges us based on our devotion and including of Him in our life, our family and our goals as a nation.

Are we still under God? Because if not, you know as the Bible tells us that we are under his wrath. It is God that controls the world, not people. So as a Nation, which God has blessed from the formation, if looked away from God—– He will judge us. as morals and ethics in the upper body of  government fail and they look away from Him, so will the blessing that God has for this Country.

Pray for peace and this country, our troops are protecting us and we need to pray for them.

GOD BLESS AMERICA… land that I love? I know I do, do you?


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