What you choose to listen to

Today, I was walking my dog and we went our same route as we do everyday. Today as we drew closer to one of the homes on our street, they were playing rap music and quite loud- as my dog Bailey and I were walking it really was like a block party, but no one was in the backyard!

We did our 1/4 mile walk and had to pass by the house again as we made our way  to the homestretch. But this time I thought about the commercials and the sound vibration and how we choose to listen and communicate with God. What we say has an impact in this world and to Jesus. When we are putting our prayers (sound vibrations) songs and praise to Him we are choosing to please Him with the one tool we have to communicate with our voice and thoughts as that is a way for God to know all our vibrations. So when you choose to speak, speak well, think well and be well! AMEN


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