When all else fails, turn to prayer

Today, as in many days when I am working, I find myself in a tough situation. At the moment when I lose hope, I pray for God to step in and please help me. I always see Him turn the situation around for me in ways I never thought possible. God is interested in the details of your life. Like a good and loving Father He takes interest in what we do.

So when you think you are alone and God isn’t paying attention, think again!!

Serving God

I go through periods of time when I beat myself up for not serving God more than I do. I sometimes forget, I am serving without even knowing. someone needs me, wants to vent, has a problem for me to solve. All this is service and when I get to tell them that Jesus died for their sins, then it’s like I felt as though I have led them like I should.

My actions are speaking louder than words and God knows every action and reaction!

What separates us from God?

I tuned in to Charles Stanley, one of my favorite televangelist on TV. His strong Baptist background with fire and spirit he calls upon God to come into each life. It’s always a wake up call for me.

Tonite Charles spoke about what separates us from God…. sin. ….Sin holds us in bondage . Only in seeking God and coming to Him in full spirit and truth will be break those chains. Seek Him and He will set you free!

With each new Ocean wave

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to North Wildwood and visited my sister. We went out for lunch and after that, walked about a 1/2 mile of beach to finally set out chairs about 100 feet from the ocean. As we sat, we talked and we enjoyed the ocean, birds and people who sat quietly there to tan and like us, enjoy the ocean beauty.

But as we paused between chats, I watched the ocean waves how they went in and out, some were fierce, some glided in quietly and I thought that life is just like that, a glide or fierce crash of something that disrupts things. That’s how God works. When the wave is fierce, we stand there holding our own watching it crash down around us and pull back fast into the ocean and wondering how will we get through this event. But God just seems to step in there and hold us firm when we belong to Him. He knows that whatever this world brings, it can’t hurt you, maybe in the physical sense but not in the spirit, when we belong to Him it’s like a journey and He’s the surf board, the rock you hold onto when the wave tries to pull you out. The gliding is the ease after the storm and the time you spend thinking of the next big wave that can happen. So enjoy the glides, they keep you focused for the crashes! AMEN

What you choose to listen to

Today, I was walking my dog and we went our same route as we do everyday. Today as we drew closer to one of the homes on our street, they were playing rap music and quite loud- as my dog Bailey and I were walking it really was like a block party, but no one was in the backyard!

We did our 1/4 mile walk and had to pass by the house again as we made our way  to the homestretch. But this time I thought about the commercials and the sound vibration and how we choose to listen and communicate with God. What we say has an impact in this world and to Jesus. When we are putting our prayers (sound vibrations) songs and praise to Him we are choosing to please Him with the one tool we have to communicate with our voice and thoughts as that is a way for God to know all our vibrations. So when you choose to speak, speak well, think well and be well! AMEN