Holiday Kindness

It’s that busy time of the year. Are you thinking of anyone less fortunate? Today on the news a woman from Westchester, NY was in desperate need for children’s toys. She gathers them every year and distributes to Foster Children in the area. This year she has had little  support, so she had to turn to the news to get what she needed.

I know times are tough, but squeeze it out, you can do without an expensive latte for a couple of days so you could help support a cause. Your kindness goes a long way for others.

Treat people with respect and you will see respect right back, that is kindness you show. Remember you reap what you sow. If you deceive you will be deceived.

Reach out to someone today even if you don’t know them, a smile– asking someone how their day is, this goes a long way. Ne kind, this is a reflection of our Lord!


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