God’s truths

Have you thought about how God has blessed you with His truth today? He blesses you everyday in ways that are unseen by human eyes. He cares for us beyond our thoughts, gives us hope that He is working in us to change us to become more like Jesus everyday. So read the bible and get Gods truth, it’s the only real book of knowledge built for man.

When you continue to read the Bible you are awakened to his spirit speaking to your heart and feeling His love for you in ways that ou cannot imagine. So pick up the bible turn to the gospels and begin. It’s all about our lord and His saving grace in our lives.

Patient Kindness

When you live in an area where it is rush, rush and people really don’t spend a lot of time talking to you, it’s refreshing to come across someone who stands and talks to you and is patient. There are a lot of people who are really interested in knowing you.  This is what you call patient  kindness, a listener that cares.

So often you think that no one really cares about what you think, but if you are a good, kind person you can be a be help to someone, they may ask you for ideas, advise.  Jesus is a kind loving God that is patient with us when we are impatient with ourselves. If we rely on Him for patience He helps us see how to treat others and to be a listener ourselves.


Your heart is your reflection

What is in your heart reflects your personality. It shines right through. So when you are talking bad about someone, it is a reflection on your face. Are you angry, your face will turn that look right out there.So be choosy as to what you think and say, it will show what kind of person you are.

Gladness in Kindness

How glad I am to see the people that pass through my life being kind to one another. I am grateful for them in my day, even though I don’t know them. My heart is always grateful for new people that I meet that are genuinely happy to see me or take my order. God blesses us all at all times.

Trials in kindness

Everyday there is a new trail to life, how do you respond to it? When someone is talking about someone else, how to respond to this? How do you answer these things that people want you to answer negatively. It happens alot but it strengthens me each time I am faced with it. I learn how to let go of the negative answers. I am not there completely yet, but I am getting closer, God is working in my heart with this.

When you are facing your trials with people, remember your kind heart and how it applies to your tongue. The tongue is a trap, think first, then answer. Sometimes we just go ahead and speak without breathing.