So there are some kind people out there!

I always complain about this: when someone sees something that drops off the shelf and doesn’t pick it up, that makes me crazy. I think this simple act of  kindness to just help out the store workers is small but appreciated. Maybe the store personel  that has to pick it up is tired and wants to go home, but because the someone didn’t care they have to bend over and over again. You gotta think about the bigger picture, you need to help people even if it’s a small thing.

So just as I witnessed someone knock a shoe off the rack, (yes, I picked it up) I witnessed a head of lettuce fall off the shelf for no apparent reason, a woman came around the corner and picked it up. Of course I had to commend her and tell her she did the right thing. Hey I am not your judge, but the Grand judge Yahweh is. So everyone do your part!


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