Kind thoughts even when it’s hard

As I grow closer to God in my walk with Him I realize that along the way, I run into the same old sins. The one that seems to trip me up is not thinking the best or kindest thoughts towards someone who has done wrong by me. I am getting better at forgiveness which is tough sometimes but I can do it. It’s the way I deal with obstacles and opinions that I have a tough time with. I often wonder when I will be learning to get over certain thoughts. I reflect on what God teaches us to forgive and move on. But being in the flesh keeps reminding me that this is the world and it’s not fair. 

So I pray that God will teach me how to deal with this part of myself. It’s part of Christian Maturity, just a new trial to go through as I learn to be more like Jesus,

Waiting Game

Sometimes so hard to wait. I know, it’s God’s timing. That’s where you have to pray for patience. today Psalm 61 was in front of me for the asking.

David was always calling out to God. But as the theme would present itself , one problem gets solved the next one begins. So staying in hope for God’s savation- that is when trials will be resolved. That is my true resource for all my impatience in this world.

Kind thoughts

What do kind thoughts do for you?  Keeps you focused, lets you think all the good things about a situation. Kind thoughts bring positive energy into play. God wants us to think of others kindly, not dwell in the bad stuff. When the bad thoughts come in, we must learn to say, this will not consume me and I am not spending time on it.

When you think kindly about people you also give away that sense of a nice personality and people are attracted to that. God wants only the best thought to be part of your everyday life. Prayers are great kind thoughts expressed to God~!

Do you put others first?

I know it’s a stretch sometimes but do you put others first? God wants us to follow Him and put others needs before our own. When you do this you not only make that person feel important but you have pleased God and did something that has stretched you.

God always wants us to think of others in a way that would honor Him and His glory here on earth, you have brought kindness to someone and of this God is proud of what you have done, big or small.

Exchange Kindness in the midst of anger

Do ever wonder why people can get so angry and how they walk with it all the time, I think of this every time I come across someone getting mad  for some really small thing that would not bother anyone else but that person.

The Lord is with you during the times of anger He understands your heart and wants to see how you will be able to handle the deep pain that you are going through. Jesus is Love and kindness making sure His people will understand how He is trying to comfort you during tough times. Be kind to the angry because they are hurting people on earth.

Working on the doubt

This journey with Christ gets better everyday as I grow closer to Him in my spiritual life.  Some days I am just soaring in His love and feeling His presence, other days, I think He’s carrying me because I feel far from Him., I know He’s close by but it feels a bit distant. I think it’s the days that the enemy comes in for attack is when I feel like I need to grow deeper with Jesus. His kindness to us is abounding and enormous that we could not even understand it. Although I have to say, He is teaching me how to Love, not the earth brotherly Love but the unconditional Love that draws us to Him. When you start your journey, you feel it even more. No turning back!

The seeds of doubt come when we begin to question what God is doing. We  need to let go of that.  1 John 4:7-8  Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God. because God is love

How often do you put someone else first

That simple kindness of taking a backseat for someone else is something of the human heart. The wanting to do for someone else so that they are comfortable, The honest love you show to that person will fulfill your heart in every way. The simple act of this will sustain you for time to come.

So if you know someone who needs a visit, put them first. Call them ask them if they need something, maybe even just a listening ear. Don’t hold that back from anyone, remember when you serve people you serve God.

Can you be too kind?

Can you be too kind? That’ s something you can never be. I have a cousin who is so very kind to people even when she was wronged, she turned the other cheek. She is an example to me. She continues to be so kind to people who are not kind to her. Can you imagine being a person’s helper after they turned their back on you. She did! I was so impressed, but you know what so was God.

So there are some kind people out there!

I always complain about this: when someone sees something that drops off the shelf and doesn’t pick it up, that makes me crazy. I think this simple act of  kindness to just help out the store workers is small but appreciated. Maybe the store personel  that has to pick it up is tired and wants to go home, but because the someone didn’t care they have to bend over and over again. You gotta think about the bigger picture, you need to help people even if it’s a small thing.

So just as I witnessed someone knock a shoe off the rack, (yes, I picked it up) I witnessed a head of lettuce fall off the shelf for no apparent reason, a woman came around the corner and picked it up. Of course I had to commend her and tell her she did the right thing. Hey I am not your judge, but the Grand judge Yahweh is. So everyone do your part!