Did you see that?

Stopped by my local TJ Maxx today to look at handbags. I walked in and an elderly woman knocked over a shoe off the display rack… and looked away. Now I can understand if she was not able to pick it up for physical restraints, but she looked the other way. So of course I pick it up, not for acknowledge that I did a good deed for the day (although the bigger picture will say different) but for the chain of things that could happen. The shoe could go across the room and end up destroyed. Maybe the poor floor salesperson  has to pick it up after a day of picking up maybe 1,000 other drops.

All I am saying is, do your part. If you drop it, pick it up. The store is not your home, respect it and it’s about respecting people too. Show that kindness because when someone comes in to your home you don’t want them to drop things and not pick it up would you? God wants you to acknowledge others and respect them as well.


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