Kindness makes you look better

Tonight I am watching a rerun of Charles Stanley, he’s talking about a person’s kindness. Charles Stanley is a God-fearing on air Baptist Minister. That means hard core Bible Preacher. He carries the Bible with one hand and opens right up to where he wants to go. When I first started watching  him (pre-Holy Spirit) I just could not get him. Now I can’t get enough of his message. He is a Born Southern Baptist and very good at it. Well tonight listening to him speak about direction for your life and the kindness in others provoked me to write this in the blog. This is what he emphasized:

Not on the outside you know, on the inside – the heart exposes your true self. If you have a true, kind heart your real love shines through. It is not about your outer appearance, your beauty shines through when your heart is in the right place, in its kindness. I appreciated that because as I downsize my life, not needing so much “stuff” and focusing outward to outreach and doing for the needy it helps me to become more kind in heart.


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