got a minute?

Everytime I hear that, I think I know this will take more than that. So I try to be a kind person even though I know there is something else I have to do and I remember to slow down and try to listen. sometimes I want to run for the hills, but patiently I wait for that person to pause in just about done-ness… oh no another breath. But I then realize that this person is talking to me for a reason. Maybe they need someone to talk to, maybe they are delaying me for some reason, maybe there is something they are saying that points me in a different direction. Well that’s where the kindness kicks in. You need to breath and just allow them to finish and if, just if they finish , thank them and say have a great day. You were being a comforter to them and maybe they were being a comfort to you.

God wants us to be kind to each other, not fast answers and get away, just be a person of respect. That is what God looks for in you.

Did you see that?

Stopped by my local TJ Maxx today to look at handbags. I walked in and an elderly woman knocked over a shoe off the display rack… and looked away. Now I can understand if she was not able to pick it up for physical restraints, but she looked the other way. So of course I pick it up, not for acknowledge that I did a good deed for the day (although the bigger picture will say different) but for the chain of things that could happen. The shoe could go across the room and end up destroyed. Maybe the poor floor salesperson  has to pick it up after a day of picking up maybe 1,000 other drops.

All I am saying is, do your part. If you drop it, pick it up. The store is not your home, respect it and it’s about respecting people too. Show that kindness because when someone comes in to your home you don’t want them to drop things and not pick it up would you? God wants you to acknowledge others and respect them as well.

Kindness that reaches out

We are all busy in our daily lives, but do we take the time to do something for someone else? Maybe there is a neighbor that needs something at the store but doesn’t know if they should ask. Volunteer your time to them. Alot of seniors rely on social services to get groceries because they can’t drive or walk. This is an opportunity for you to do something and when you do something for someone else you feel better about yourself and God sees everything you do, He is especially pleased when you help His people on earth.

Psalm 37:3  “trust in the Lordand do good: Dwell in the Lord and enjoy safe pasture”

Learning to be a true Christian in Kindness

Everyday is a challenge, especially in the work force. How to be a good Christian amidst a world of “selfishness”. It ain’t easy! Like today, for example sitting in my car waiting for two people who drive up next to me in the space, the woman throws her door open and hits my car, looks at me knowing I am sitting there, Never apologizes.

She also did not realize who I was. They walked in first and sat down with a co-worker of mine. I walked in a few minutes later. When she saw it was me, her face dropped. i did not reveal the story but she never apologized. As a Christian I am to forgive and just let it go. But sadly this woman did not apologize for this. The moral of the story is  you are to turn the other cheek.

Kindness makes you look better

Tonight I am watching a rerun of Charles Stanley, he’s talking about a person’s kindness. Charles Stanley is a God-fearing on air Baptist Minister. That means hard core Bible Preacher. He carries the Bible with one hand and opens right up to where he wants to go. When I first started watching  him (pre-Holy Spirit) I just could not get him. Now I can’t get enough of his message. He is a Born Southern Baptist and very good at it. Well tonight listening to him speak about direction for your life and the kindness in others provoked me to write this in the blog. This is what he emphasized:

Not on the outside you know, on the inside – the heart exposes your true self. If you have a true, kind heart your real love shines through. It is not about your outer appearance, your beauty shines through when your heart is in the right place, in its kindness. I appreciated that because as I downsize my life, not needing so much “stuff” and focusing outward to outreach and doing for the needy it helps me to become more kind in heart.

Kindness in giving

We will be rewarded by our God for serving others. giving your time, your talents and loving kindness. God sees all you do on earth. When you are kind or unkind it is noted.

So why not be on your best behavior waiting on God’s promises for you. The prayers you pray, the thoughts you have all count. You belong to God and he watches over you.  Each day you need to ask God for guidance in your giving. The more you outwardly give or help the more you are reaching rewards in God’s  Kingdom.

Show your kindness

Colossians 1:10   ……..and asking that the way you live will always please the Lord and honor Him, so that you will always be doing good, kind things for others, while all the the time you are learning to know God better and better.

So you want to know God better, you want a closer relationship to Him. You are getting a good start with the way you treat others through your kindness. When you reach out to a volunteer organiztion and give them your time. If you are not working right now, learn your way to God through serving others and stop thinking about how it’s going to be to hard for you, you won’t have time, you have to make time. Stop thinking about what you need and just groaning about it and go help someone. You are making that step that God watches. Acts of kindness -works of faith.

Speaking up

So, my heart is so full of the Lord that I want to speak it to all. But as the disciples did, I feel what they must of felt. The Love of Jesus and the desire to speak it out loud to all. I get why it was difficult. But all in all I know I did the right thing because it is not what people think of you it is what GOD thinks of you and how you respond to the world for HIM. So speaking up is a good thing and I would do it again and want to!

Kindness in friendship

Just to be a listener is such an important role in a friendship. When you become a listener you are actually being a minister to that person and you know they don’t always want our opinion, just our ears and a smile. So when you find yourself getting irritated because you have to hear the same story over and over again it’s just time and a patient heart that will keep your friendship going for as long as you both want it to.

Where did all the patience go?

Today, out on the road I wam waiting for a light to turn green, before I can sneeze, a large white van goes all the way around me to make a right. I am thinking could he have waited another minute? This is not the forst time this has happened in a different town, I see a policeman at the light, a PT cruiser in back of me while I am yielding he decides he’s not waiting either and proceeds to go around me. The policeman didn’t flinch at that. I thought there were rules to driving. Like wait your turn? The world as we know it is on the speed train. Sadly, people miss out on so much-all they have to do is breath, speak to God and embrace the day, you don’t get another just like this one ever again.

Galatians 5:22
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness