Growing in the Word

So everyday you want to continue in The Word .. but where to start? Start with the Book of Mark (New Testament) begin and meditate after each reading/ The heart fills up with wisdom and joy that the LORD brings. HE teaches you every aspect and encourages you to move forward. How are you showing your kindness to others through scripture?

Bringing kindness to your life daily

Ok, you have got to be good to yourself. All that time that you work and struggle, it brings you to a conclusion. Praise GOD and live your life as if it were your last day. Love your family and forgive your enemies, because there is so much doubt in the air about GOD’s kindness that you just have to welcome the Day, read the scriptures and think about how blessed you are. Because you have so much to be blessed about. You have your health, love, laughter and people that care about you.

God is always working in your heart

God works in your heart everyday to bring you alittle closer to HIM. Your actions speak loudly so always be certain that he is watching you and knows what you are thinking. HE tests you as well. Like  the chapter in JOB 4:3 “Think of how you have instructed many, how you have strengthened feeble hands” GOD wants you to go to HIM, as you do he teaches you.

Value added Blessing for today

Right here, right now is your blessing. Quitely you speak to God in prayer focused on HIS ways in your life. You live for HIM, not for the world. The world dictates what you need to see and hear, but  GOD directs your way. Hold steady as HE  pulls you even closer in your prayer life.

Gods Blessing on the day

What a gift we receive each day as God has blessed our lives with a dailey new beginning. We get to try again today. Yesterday we made have struggled with something, as we sleep and begin this new day it moves us in a better direction, you can step out and believe that all things are new ! So as you lay your head down this evening remember that GOD loves you and to pray without ceasing. HE hears all and wants you to depend on HIM!

Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace, it’s like walking in such joy there is no other way to explain this. Walking with Jesus gives you such calmness that surpasses all creation. If you want this you need to ask Jesus to come into your life and spread his everlasting love and total acceptance for you to make each day with him the most amazing experience of your life.

Now that’s Perfect Peace

Reach Out

When you think you are done, there is always something else we need to do. God calls us to reach out and touch someone. A lost friend or relative that needs a visit or phone call. But little do people realize how hard it is just to do that one thing. So render what you can for others and listen to your heart for letting someone know you care

Add a kind word

For all the kindness in your heart, you should always have a kind word for someone each day. Your kindness is never left unseen.

God sees all we do, every try… is the try in the right direction when it comes to glorifying His name on Earth. Our goal is to ask what can I do today that will show others that I am like Christ. My kindess and thoughtfulness will never go wasted! Glory to God.